CNC Motors Owner: Clay Thom

The history of the automotive industry is so closely tied into American history itself, that it shouldn’t be a surprise that the car dealership has been around in America since 1898. Since then, a lot of things about cars themselves have changed, but the idea behind the dealership has remained mostly the same. That idea is for car manufacturers to have a licensed and knowledgeable facility to handle the sale of their vehicles to the public and for the public to have a trustworthy business to help inform their decision when it comes to buying and selling vehicles. 

Unfortunately for some reported customers of CNC Motors in Upland, California, the dealership they chose apparently did not live up to their expectations. In fact, many reviewers on forums such as the Better Business Bureau website, Google, and Yelp have left some very negative reviews of their experience with CNC Motors and their staff. Complaints form reviewers range from being lied to about payment dates and late shipment of important documents to bounced checks and accusations of the whole operation being a scheme. 

It is common for employees of all companies to make mistakes, but there is often a higher standard that the owner of a company is held to. The troubling thing about many of CNC Motors’ negative reviews is the fact that they mention the reported owner of the dealership directly.

While this comment does not mention a specific incident with CNC Motors or their owner, it certainly sums up the way some reviewers seem to feel about their own experiences.

According to the above review, this customer apparently felt compelled to take legal action against CNC Motors in order to get the payment for his vehicle that he was purportedly owed by the dealership. The review mentions that the owner of the dealership kept telling the reviewer that a wire payment would come after the reviewer already reportedly received a check that did not clear because of lack of funds.

The above review from Tango T. details their purported experience with CNC Motors and their owner. According to the review, Tango did not receive payment for over 2 months for the trade-in of their vehicle, nor did they receive the title to the new car that they presumably got from the trade. The review includes pictures of an alleged text thread between the owner of CNC Motors and the reviewer in which the reviewer is continuously asking for updates about his payment. This reviewer reportedly felt “strong obligations” to inform the public about their thoughts regarding the legitimacy and trustworthiness of CNC Motors.

Some of the negative reviews of CNC Motors have been removed from various platforms and there are even several positive reviews. However, many of the negative reviews state similar issues that seem to be ongoing. If you are going to purchase a vehicle or make any major financial decisions whatsoever, you should look into any business for yourself beforehand and make your own decision on whether or not you should do business there. 

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